Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Digitally Empowered Philippines

            We Filipinos, in fact of our richness in biodiversity, were lacking in production of material things, especially in terms of technology. But the conotation “LACKING” is slowly losing now. Thanks to our government which is focusing on improving our technology. Afraid to be called “GADGET LOSERS”, our government spends lots of moneys just for the renovation of infrastracture and also our technology.
            Because of it, now you can see people sending messages, jokes, qoutes, and even e-mail using their multi-purpose cellphones which can be bought with cheap prices. There are also schools with high-tech technologies, even their bulletin boards were Full LED Touch-Screen, their blackboards once accompanied by chalk but now replaced with such awesome gadgets like that Full LED Touch-Screen paired with stylus pens, there homework can now be answered without the use of pens and papers but instead by using touch-screen pads know to be E-book which is more accurate than notebooks. If you go to business offices, there you can witness business reports about these, that, those, and everything yet with concern of the present statistics of these company. But as you gazed around inside, they gave a lot of renovations in reporting using their projectors and screens with stylus pens which lessen the effort of bringing more complicated business reports in front of them.
            Yes, this will help our future of becoming an industrialized nation. We will never be called lo-tech by other countries because of our efforts on bringing technology on our shoulders which delivers adequate learning to us Filipinos. And yet, we just hope that our technology will improve in the near future with our life getting better and better up to the next of next of nexts generations.


Friday, December 30, 2011


The world is a merry-go-round,
Of joy, and sorrows of ups and downs,
The heart cries with a harmonous wounds,
And JOY heal it with a lovely sounds.

The world is black and life has lost it's meaning,
The spirit weakens  with it's burden evening,
Difficult times seem forever knowing,
A HOPE of what we are hoping.

When people refuse to listen and quarrel,
Friendly relations are broken by a simple squeal,
And with pains and worries life is not well,
That's why PEACE look for a parallel.



God extend his loving hands,
 To bestow blessings upon us, 
 His grace flows down upon us all, 
 To god all things are possible.

He fills our lives with gladness,
He heals our pains and heartaches,
We treat him as our father,
That's why he answers our every prayer.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Friend Theresa

The person who wants bike,
Healthy and can hike.
Easy for us to make her happy,
Rather to make her bouncy.
Everyday she smiles
So sweet and nice.
A cute friend whose name is THERESA.

by:Cathy Mabalay

Sunday, December 11, 2011


We were sweet like a candy,
We're so close like a jelly,
We're so tough than anybody,
And nothing can compare us 
with true everlasting friendship.

We're always together
And we will never find another.
We're true to each other
And I know we will last forever.

The road has come to an end
But, I thought our friendship will not be broken
But why you're saying goodbye to me
Although you promise, 
you will stay forever beside me.


                          -Princess Marimar Magnate 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

He's The One

There's a guy who makes me feel high
He easily gets my heart
But, I don't know the reason why.

Everytime when I see him,
I can't explain what I'm feeling and
My heart beats fast
Like a drum playing continuously.

I feel I'm in vain
And I think I'm so insane.
I just want is your mesmerizing kiss
That I know you can never give.

I'm longing for his warm embrace
I'm longing for his love and care
I'm longing for everything,
I wish you can show and give.

I know there is a time
For our hearts to be combine.
I know I  found the right guy
And I can say, He's the one. 

                                            by: Princess Marimar N. Magnate


Friday, December 9, 2011


Lifting happy spirits soar
listen to my wish
Lively prism light
enchanting rainbow delights
brightly dance then hides

A rainbow play in the water spray
It hides in a chandelier
It always seems to find its way
Though the glass when light is near

Fell like dancing under a rainbow
I see a rainbow
Come and paint my whole world.

by: Princess Mae Borazon